Bug Fix

We were made aware of a problem with our most recent curated rapid reporting packet, number 30. It turns out that there were 11 cases in that packet that were also in packet 29. This occurred because of a bug in the code we use to generate our balanced packets. Essentially, the code was incorrectly identifying which cases were not in use (and therefore chose cases already in packet 29). I’ve fixed this bug, removed the old packet 30 and regenerated a new packet 30 with new unique cases. Most of you won’t notice any difference but those of you who have sat packet 30 will have had your score for that packet reset.

Thanks to Zeid for pointing this out.

Image Manipulation Is Here!

By far the most requested feature for the site has been for us to add the ability for you to manipulate the images in your browser to help you better see any abnormality. I’m pleased to announce that with immediate effect we’ve added this to our rapid reporting module.

Depending on the browser you’re using, you’ll see one of the following toolbars beneath any rapid reporting image:

Desktop Safari/Chrome/FireFox:

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 21.32.40


Internet Explorer:







The buttons are fairly self-explanatory. The plus and minus buttons will zoom in and zoom out respectively. The dark and light sun icons will adjust the contrast of the image and the looped arrow will reset the image to its original state. It’s also possible to zoom in and out of the image on desktop browsers simply by scrolling the mouse wheel (or two-finger scroll over the image on a Mac). Zooming can be achieved on iOS devices with pinch gestures.

Why are the buttons different on different platforms?

The zoom buttons are omitted on iOS because the pinch gesture works so well for zooming. Since the images are served to your browser at full resolution, you don’t lose any detail by using mobile Safari’s built-in zoom feature.

The main issue at the moment is with Internet Explorer. I’ve made it clear before that I loathe IE. The bottom line is that (at least for the moment – certainly until Microsoft implement CSS filters properly) you can’t adjust the contrast of an image using Internet Explorer. If you’re using a PC, I recommend FireFox over Chrome. If you’re using a Mac then this won’t be an issue.


5 Months In

It’s been 5 months since we launched Revise Radiology to the world. Since going live we have served over 110,000 questions to our users and, I’m pleased to say, without any significant downtime (hurrah!). We’ve had a lot of positive feedback from people and have learned a lot not only about running a high traffic website but also about the intricacies of running a limited company.

All this is well and good but we’re not resting on our laurels either. We are currently constructing more rapids packets to add to our rapid reporting database. We will add 5 by the end of the month and we hope to add a total of 10 by the next sitting of the rapid reporting module in April. These will of course be accessible by current subscribers at no extra charge.

We’ve individually looked at literally 1000s of permutations of answers to our questions as well as feedback on specific questions from our users and have made adjustments and updates to our database. We value your feedback and want you to know that every time you flag or dispute a question that one of the founders will look at your response – after all, if you take the time to help us improve our product then it’s the least we can do.

Work is coming along on other minor improvements to the site. I am working on integrating better viewing tools for the rapids images (such as improved zooming, windowing, etc). I don’t have an exact time frame for its introduction but work is ongoing.

Whilst looking at some of the data in our (frankly huge) database, I also discovered that we have users from 25 countries. That just goes to show how well regarded the UK FRCR exam is not to mention how far word can travel about a site!

I think 2015 is going to be a great year moving forwards. Keep your eyes peeled for more content and new tools in the near future.