Image Manipulation Is Here!

By far the most requested feature for the site has been for us to add the ability for you to manipulate the images in your browser to help you better see any abnormality. I’m pleased to announce that with immediate effect we’ve added this to our rapid reporting module.

Depending on the browser you’re using, you’ll see one of the following toolbars beneath any rapid reporting image:

Desktop Safari/Chrome/FireFox:

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 21.32.40


Internet Explorer:







The buttons are fairly self-explanatory. The plus and minus buttons will zoom in and zoom out respectively. The dark and light sun icons will adjust the contrast of the image and the looped arrow will reset the image to its original state. It’s also possible to zoom in and out of the image on desktop browsers simply by scrolling the mouse wheel (or two-finger scroll over the image on a Mac). Zooming can be achieved on iOS devices with pinch gestures.

Why are the buttons different on different platforms?

The zoom buttons are omitted on iOS because the pinch gesture works so well for zooming. Since the images are served to your browser at full resolution, you don’t lose any detail by using mobile Safari’s built-in zoom feature.

The main issue at the moment is with Internet Explorer. I’ve made it clear before that I loathe IE.¬†The bottom line is that (at least for the moment – certainly¬†until Microsoft implement CSS filters properly) you can’t adjust the contrast of an image using Internet Explorer. If you’re using a PC, I recommend FireFox over Chrome. If you’re using a Mac then this won’t be an issue.