Stats, Glorious Stats

You may have noticed when you signed in this morning that your stats look different than they did yesterday. That’s because we’ve been busy beavering away behind the scenes improving not only how our statistics are calculated but also how they’re presented to you.

Bug fixes

A couple of users helpfully told us that they thought their stats didn’t seem correct. Specifically, they believed that they were scoring higher than our software was telling them. After investigating the matter, we realised that we had been including any attempts you had made during a trial in our data. We were also including data from rapids packets that had not been completed. In hindsight, that’s not very helpful as it’s unlikely that most users are trying very hard when undertaking a trial. We now specifically exclude all attempts at questions you may have made during a trial as well as any packet that you’ve not completed (for instance, if you got pulled away from your computer mid-exam).

Improvements to the home page

On your home page is a short summary informing you of the time to the next exam sitting as well as some simple statistics. We’ve now improved the accuracy of these figures (for the reasons outlined above) as well as now including the site average for that module so you can quickly compare your performance with the rest of the site.

Improvements to packet scoring

When choosing which curated rapid reporting packet to sit, there’s always been a simple table listing all available packets. This not only tells you your most recent and highest score for each packet but also the average of the metaverse (all users). Since we now exclude data from any unfinished packet, this has resulted in a significant increase in the average score of a packet. This is because lots of people would start a trial, attempt 5 or 6 questions in a packet and then move on, thus lowering the average. The figures now give a much more realistic idea of how your peers are performing.

Changes to the analyse section

If you want to check your performance in rapids or anatomy you visit the analyse page. We’ve replaced the normal distribution graph that used to depict your overall performance with a simpler horizontal bar chart:


As you can see, this simply shows the percentage of questions that you get correct (both in practice sessions and mock exams) compared to everybody else on the site.

Resetting your stats

There’s a little known feature on the site that’s worth briefly covering here. You can reset your statistics at any time by visiting the statistics panel on your settings page (reachable from the drop down menu by clicking your name in the top right of the screen). This allows you to reset your stats in any module that you’re currently subscribed to. Not only can you reset all data, you can also reset data between particular dates. So if you want to reset all of last week’s statistics, you can.