Rapid Reporting Module Launched

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re launching our rapid reporting module for immediate purchase today.

The rapid reporting component of the FRCR can be terrifying. The candidate is given 30 plain film cases (a packet) and has to decide if each case is normal or abnormal and has 35 minutes to do so. The exam is notorious for including very subtle abnormalities as well as normal variants to try to catch the candidate out. With our rapid reporting module, you can practice your timing and expose yourself to almost 800 cases in preparation.

As is the norm here at Revise Radiology, we’ve taken the time to really think about what you’d like from your revision which is why the module includes the following features:

  • 25 curated packets. These are carefully crafted to mimic the actual FRCR exam as closely as possible.
  • 800 individual cases to practice on. A balanced mixture of abnormal and normal images.
  • Detailed statistical analysis of your performance – both overall and on a per-case basis. You can easily compare how you are performing against other users of our site.
  • Customisable practice sessions and packets. Fancy sitting down and testing yourself on a bunch of chest X-rays? With our rapid reporting module, you can do just that.

We’ve worked really hard over the last few months to bring this module to you and we really hope you enjoy using it.